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This Week's King Richard's Faire Trivia Question!

House of Cards® and King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts, have teamed up again this year to give our listeners a chance to attend this year’s Festival!  Each week, we’ll be giving away a set of four tickets (a value of $128) to the lucky winner of our giveaway contest.

Here’s how:  We’ll be posting a trivia question each week.  If you know the answer, send it in to us at along with your name and contact information.  Two winners will be selected each week during the contest period.  King Richard’s Faire in Carver, Massachusetts. So much more than any fair or festival that you’ve ever seen!  Weekends September 1st - October 21st! The biggest and best Renaissance fair in New England!


This week’s trivia question:

King Richard’s Faire has some of the best food in the realm.  But they don’t have everything. What’s the one food they do NOT serve?  

  1. Turkey Leg
  2. Lo Mein
  3. Pizza

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