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Talking social casino, poker and MMA, with KamaGames from CasinoBeats


KamaGames recently introduced its Knockout Tournaments social casino mechanic, aiming to utilise “one of the most popular tournament templates in online poker” to deliver something “never before seen in the social casino space”.

Officially debuting this week as the group aims to deliver on a prior pledge of becoming the leader within the social casino space, KamaGames deepened its relationship with the Ultimate Fighting Championship as Tony Ferguson was named as the face of the tournaments.

Offering a further examination of the launch, as well as how it will ensure added differentiation from competitors, Andrey Kuznetsov, KamaGames CEO, explained: “Online poker is a highly competitive market and we’re determined to make our product the best available. With that in mind, we’re constantly adding new features and updates to distinguish ourselves from competitors,” he says.

“We were the first social poker operator to launch tournaments with jackpots, multi-table tournaments and party modes. Knockout Tournaments are the most popular game mode in online poker, including real-money poker.


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