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Retired Clark County Judge Is On A Mission To Spread Gambling Court Concept To Other States from USBets Gary Rotstein

Cheryl Moss in January ceased running the nation’s only court dedicated to rehabilitating criminal offenders who were caught up in gambling addiction, but her work on the issue hasn’t stopped.

Officially retired now after two decades as a judge in the Family Division of Clark County District Court in Nevada, Moss is spending time lobbying for other states to adopt something similar to the novel Gambling Treatment Diversion Court she headed in Las Vegas during the last two years of her career.

She is working on a New Jersey initiative with advocates there seeking to get legislation passed in that state. She addressed a conference of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of Pennsylvania last week and is collaborating with an advocate there on a plan to lobby state court administrators for creation of a gambling court program.

Moss, 64, said she is in early discussions with activists on the issue in Massachusetts and Oregon as well, and a lot of the reason why she’s devoting her time to it relates to her late mother, Dr. Rena Nora.


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