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Play Online with a LIVE DEALER only at Golden Nugget Online!

Live Dealer lets you bridge the gap between online gaming and casino play. You can experience the excitement of traditional casino table games without leaving your home. 

Golden Nugget's Live Dealer is the very first state-wide online live dealer in the U.S! Previously only available in European casinos and a select few U.S. markets, Live Dealer is truly the most technologically advanced option in real-time online gaming.

Live Dealer Lobby is accessible during the normal operating hours of 5 pm – 1 am.   There's even a Live Blackjack Happy Hour!  On Fridays and Saturdays, Live Dealer will offer a $5 minimum bet entry for select Live Blackjack. There will be additional Live Blackjack tables with the regular $10 minimum available as well. 

To sign up at Golden Nugget Online click HERE

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