House of Cards®


Pamper Your Pet at a Fraction of the Regular Price with House of Cards®!

MyPillow® Pet Pillows have all the same great benefits as the MyPillow® bed pillows in helping your pet feel comfortable and get a great night's sleep!

And now, in addition to the FOUR PACK Special, House of Cards®  is offering MyPillow®'s Pet Pillows at a fraction of their regular price with our promo code CARDS!

Remember, the 4-Pack Special includes 2 Premium Standard/Queen sized pillows PLUS 2 Go-Anywhere pillows all for the price of ONE Premium pillow!  And now you can also get their high-quality pillow cases too!

Here's how:

Go to MyPillow® and use our promo code CARDS at checkout


Call 800-319-7913 and use our promo code CARDS at checkout

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