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Ohio Senator Will Add Online Lottery Clause To Sports Betting Bill by Online Poker Report's Alex Weldon

Online Poker Report

If Sen. Bill Coley gets his way, Ohio could become the latest US state to sell lottery tickets online. He would like to add a provision to that effect to a sports betting bill currently making its way through the Senate.

House Bill 194, the state’s most promising attempt to legalize sports betting to date, passed its branch of the legislature back in May. Since then, some work has been done to reconcile it with last year’s Senate bill, which made it to committee and no further. Now, with only three months left in the year – and Ohio’s legislative session – it’s time for some more concrete movement.

Sen. Coley chairs the Senate Committee on Government Oversight and Reform and hopes that will be the bill’s next stop. Should it go to another committee, however, he will propose the online lottery amendment on the floor later.


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