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NJ Lawmakers Consider Gambling Addiction Court Program

New Jersey is one step closer to becoming the third state to institute a gambling addiction diversion court, a move advocates say is necessary to assist a growing number of people displaying problematic behaviors.

On March 20, the state Assembly Tourism, Gaming & The Arts Committee unanimously moved bill A420, establishing a treatment court program for gamblers similar to drug and recovery courts. In NJ, drug courts have proven effective for those convicted of nonviolent offenses directly related to their diagnosed addictions.

Retired Judge Cheryl Moss, an NJ native who served on Nevada’s Eighth Judicial District Court, created the nation’s first gambling treatment court in Las Vegas and Clark County. She testified Monday and urged lawmakers to act.

As gambling becomes easier and more accessible, particularly in NJ, where online gaming generates nearly as much monthly revenue as Atlantic City casinos, Moss told lawmakers that more and more people are in jeopardy of developing some type of gambling-related problem.


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