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Massachusetts Study Shows Lack Of Gambling Literacy An Issue For Younger Clientele

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An experienced gambler is a more responsible gambler, according to a recent study.

Gamres, a Canadian research and consulting firm, conducted the study, with psychologist Dr. Richard Wood in charge. It considered 1500 Massachusetts residents who had gambled in the last year, half of them at retail casinos in the state. Men and women were represented equally.

Dr. Wood used the participants answers to an online survey to assign each a positive play score in four separate cateogories: personal responsibility, gambling literacy, honesty and control, and pre-commitment. The survey included questions about gambling activity both before and after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Several findings came out of the study. The most interesting of these, from the perspective of regulated online gambling, were an overall lack of gambling literacy, and the fact that older participants scored better on all metrics.


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