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Latest Downstate NY Casino Answers Shed Light On Taxes, iGaming And Timetable

The first round of questions and answers related to downstate New York casinos provides a glimpse into the thinking of both state gambling regulators and the companies behind the various proposals.

While much of what can be found in the 103-page report released Wednesday by the Gaming Facility Location Board is mundane and procedural, some of the regulator’s responses contained useful nuggets of information.


The state’s answers addressed the timetable for downstate NY casinos (hint: it’s going to be a while), what percentage constitutes ownership in a company (one can only imagine the kind of shady characters who might need something like that clarified), gambling revenue tax rates and the lifespan of a casino license. They also touched on North Jersey casinos and online casinos in NY.

This first round of Q&A gave us a little bit of everything.


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