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Journalist Recalls When Las Vegas Was ‘America’s Monte Carlo’

Through the years, some Las Vegas casinos have associated themselves with glamourous Monte Carlo on the French Riviera. Now, those days are gone, according to KSNV-TV Channel 3 reporter Tom Hawley.

Hawley recently said during a “Video Vault” report on Channel 3 that no name has been employed more to get customers into Las Vegas casinos than “the glamorous centerpiece of the Principality of Monaco.”

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Hawley’s weekly “Video Vault” segments explore different aspects of Las Vegas history, including developments in the casino industry and the Mafia’s influence decades ago in Southern Nevada.

The most recent segment looked at the way Las Vegas casinos used glamourous Monte Carlo as a marketing tool.

The trend dates back to the years even before casino gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931. In the 1920s, the Northern Club on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas referred to the city as “The Monte Carlo of America,” Hawley wrote on the station’s website.


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