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Is it a Bad Idea to Continue Playing the Same Slot Machine After it Hits a Jackpot?

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If you’re a regular player of slot machines at land-based or online casinos, you have probably heard at some point or another that it’s never a good idea to play a slot that has just paid out a jackpot. The consensus is that it will not pay out again anytime soon. On the flip side, others believe you should stick around as the slot is ‘hot’ and that it will continue to payout.

However, what is the truth? Let’s say that you have been playing at one of the best slots sites in the USA from this list and one of them pays out its jackpot. What should you do? This article should give you the answer to that question, so why not read on?

Should You Leave a Slot Machine After Winning a Big Payout?

Yes, but not because you think it might not pay out again. You should leave the machine just so you can call it a night and lock the win in as part of good bankroll management. Why would you want to risk giving back what you have won? However, while it is good advice to bank any big win, you could stick around on the same machine and you might still bring in further wins.

In truth, there is no such thing as a video slot that runs hot or cold. A video slot can indeed payout again after it hits a jackpot, even on the very next spin. It is not unheard of that slots have paid jackpots on consecutive spins. It’s just improbable. Then again, the slot may not pay out big again for a few weeks. This is because every spin is random and independent of each other.


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