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Is 2023 The Year When Online Casino Expansion Kicks Into High Gear? from US Bets' Jeff Edelstein

As sports betting legislation continues to sweep the nation, online casino legislation continues to be … well, practically non-existent.

With only six states — New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and West Virginia — regulating iCasino, and zero states with bills passed or pending, it would appear the industry is stalled out.

But not so fast, according to industry watchers Eilers & Krejcik Gaming.

In a recent note, they observed that online casino revenue in the United States in the six states mentioned above has hit a plateau. But they believe it’s merely a pause, as evidenced by the words of Rush Street Interactive CEO Richard Schwartz, who, during the company’s most recent earnings call, said, “All of our peers, whether it’s large land-based casinos or sportsbook-first DFS companies, they are all aligned around funding, not just supporting verbally, but really putting some money to work to lobby for iGaming legislation for the first time really in the history of this industry in the U.S. market.”


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