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ICE North America Webinar Series - The Road Back: Back to Basics, October 6th to 8th

The Road Back Webinar Series: Back to Basics


Your Industry Has Been Reset

Here's What to Do...

Your casino industry has been forced back to the saloon days by COVID-19 and the reduction of your non-Gaming assets – so what on earth can you do to move forward? You need to go Back to Basics – join the free Road Back webinar series from October 6 to 8 online to explore how to utilize your assets, exploit your strengths and transform your weaknesses.


With three sessions of insights, The Road Back: Back to Basics takes place October 6-8 (Tuesday to Thursday), 2020 from 8.30am PST / 11.30am EST / 4.30pm BST 


The big challenge for resorts now then is how do they best utilize what they’ve got and attract the premium carded players – whether attracting existing customers back or encouraging new customers in.

This really is going back to basics: relearning all the classic tricks of the trade; refocusing on the assets that they can actually employ, and finding ways of repurposing their non-Gaming assets that are no longer an option.

This all presents an incredible challenge – and we have all the right experts lined up to help you overcome and succeed.


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