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Grand Casino Tycoon: New Strategy Sim Let’s You Design, Operate Casino

A new video game from deep-simulation specialist Aerosoft and developer stillalive studios offers players the chance to own and manage a virtual casino. Grand Casino Tycoon will be available from May 20 on the Steam platform.

It’s not the first time gamers have been given the opportunity to operate a casino, the Grand Theft Auto series being the most obvious example. But Grand Casino Tycoon adds new layers of detail and depth to the experience, as well as to the classic “tycoon” game formula.

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Budding Sheldon Adelsons not only get to design the layouts of their sprawling casino resorts but will need to carefully manage their customers’ needs. And as every casino operator knows, striking the right balance between generating customer happiness and a steady stream of profit is the name of the game.

Manipulate Your Customers

There are some nice touches here: placing slot machines in strategic areas will maximize traffic and revenues, for example. Meanwhile, you can monitor the “Needs” system to observe a guest’s hunger and thirst levels. Keeping them fully lubricated will generate more money, naturally.



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