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Five Indicted for $1.1M Atlantic City Casino Bogus Check Scam

Authorities in New Jersey have indicted five New York State residents for allegedly bilking Atlantic City casinos out of more than $1.1 million using a “sophisticated” fraudulent check scheme.

Xiuhuan Zhang, 65, Qingtao Zhang, 53, Sen Ge, 29, Shuai Liu, 30, and Peng Cai, 33 were charged Thursday with second-degree conspiracy and various counts of second-degree theft by deception, the state Attorney General’s Office said.

Over the space of three days in August, the two female members of the gang, Xiuhuan Zhang and Qingtao Zhang, allegedly presented forged checks at five casinos in the city. These were exchanged for casino chips before being cashed out. According to state prosecutors, the three men “assisted [the women] at various times” during the alleged fraud.


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