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CNBC's Jim Cramer Flashes Macau Buy Sign -- Time To Run? by Forbes Magazine writer Muhammad Cohen

CNBC pundit Jim Cramer has put the buy sign on Macau, specifically U.S. traded Wynn Resorts and MGM Resort International. "I believe that Macau can keep rebounding courtesy of this phenomenal global economic expansion, which means that Wynn Resorts might have room to run - and I'd always pick Wynn over Las Vegas Sands," Cramer said, according to the CNBC website. "But if you want a domestic casino play with some overseas exposure, MGM has a lot going for it. You know what, though? I'm hard-pressed to pick between MGM and Wynn. They're both that good." Judge the record of Cramer, who I try my best to avoid when watching the network where I once worked, for yourself. But don't let him make up your mind on Macau. Cramer's enthusiasm from halfway around the world doesn't necessarily mean it's time to sell, but it does highlight the need for caution.


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