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Casino Boudoir Game now available at Adam and Eve!

Viva Lust Vegas! 4 Sexy Games In One Hot Box!

Run your own carnal casino in the privacy of your own home! Yes, you and that special someone can be high rollers all night long, thanks to the Casino Boudoir Game Box. You can play Sexy Slots, Couple's Casino Craps, Roulette Sex and BJ Blackjack.

Who wins? Everybody!

Each game is played by two people, except the rewards are much more intimate –– and sexy!

• Casino Boudoir Game Box
• 4 different sex theme casino games
• 20 standard casino chips
• 1 roulette wheel style piece
• 1 roulette betting table
• 1 marble
• 1 Couple's Casino Craps table
• 2 standard craps dice
• 1 red marking chip
• 1 custom BJ Blackjack Poker deck
• 54 slot machine cards
• Easy to follow game rules
• Sturdy box to store your games in

Earn sensual and sexual rewards during game play, then redeem your chips at the end of the game for favorite sex positions that are printed directly on the chips.

• Sexy Slots
A jackpot has never been so hot!

• Couple's Casino Craps
A hot table leads to hot sex!

• Roulette Sex
Odds are you'll get lucky!

• BJ Blackjack
Extra adult fun when you hit 21!

Couples who love games and the thrill of high stakes will find the Casino Boudoir Game Box a fun way to combine sex and gaming in one exciting night.

Get your Casino Boudoir Game Box at Adam and Eve! And now get 10 FREE GIFTS including FREE SHIPPING when you order using the link above!

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