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American Gaming Association Urges Feds to Go After Unregulated Gambling Machines

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is requesting the federal government to investigate and potentially prosecute companies that manufacture gambling machines that are specifically designed to skirt regulatory laws.

Unregulated gambling machines have proliferated in convenience stores, restaurants and bars, and numerous other non-casino businesses in recent years. Often labeled “skill gaming,” the US casino industry is strongly opposed to the controversial gaming terminals.

Today’s leading manufacturers of skill games produce terminals that closely mimic the look, sound, and feel of a licensed casino slot machine. The games come with animated graphics and energizing sounds, and typically offer real cash payouts.

"Illegal and unregulated machines continue to skirt the law and put consumers at risk,” opined Jessica Feil, AGA’s vice president of government relations and gaming policy. “The AGA and its members are urging the Department of Justice … to investigate and prosecute illegal gaming machine manufacturers.”

The primary difference between a slot machines and skill gaming device is that a player must identify a winning payline on the latter. With a classic slot machine found inside a regulated casino, a spin automatically tells the gambler if they won.


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