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Tommy Angelo Presents an Excerpt From His New Book 'Painless Poker'

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Poker coach, author, player and PokerNews contributor Tommy Angelo's new book Painless Poker is out and now available in print or ebook versions!

As Tommy explained to us recently, "the book is called Painless Poker because most of it takes place at a fictional place called the Painless Poker Clinic. What happens at the clinic is, I'm sitting there alone and seven archetypal poker players beam-in at their moment of greatest pain. Each of them has a story to tell about what they were doing at the moment they got beamed to the clinic."

Once the players have arrived at the clinic, Tommy teaches "a two-day seminar to them on how to reduce pain — both in poker and in life," with the different characters representing "all the various types of pain that we experience in poker."


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