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Sex Game Three Pack now at Adam and Eve!

Attention Couples: Let Fate Decide Your Next Love Session!

Who does what to whom? How? When? Where? How often? Answer these pressing questions about how to have sex with this fun-to-play Sex Game 3-Pack!

And here's the secret to your Sex Game 3-Pack: everyone wins!

Your Sex Game 3-Pack includes 1. Sexual Positions Coupon Book, 2. Sex Dice For Two, and 3. Sex Scratch Tickets.

• Sexual Positions Coupon Book
Personalize each of these TWENTY coupon with your lover's name, date redeemed, and more! Detach each humorously illustrated coupon from this book and put it in your lover's lunch bag, clothing, car –– anywhere a check-sized coupon could be discovered.

Each coupon is worth its weight in gold –– and a super-hot, interesting sex position, too! Hand out (and later redeem) "One Blissful Backfire," "One Lustful Lady," "One Sideways Seduction," even "One Barstool Bawdy!" A great light-hearted way to strike up sexy talk when it's not always convenient or possible (like around your kids). 20 sexciting positions in all! 

• Sex Dice For Two
The manufacturer calls this "Sex Dice For Two Amorous Adults!" If this sounds like you, then this is truly an amazing sex game with easy-to-follow rules. The hardest part is deciding who goes first! (Hint: try flipping a coin) 

Begin by having one of you roll the pair of dice. The red one tells you what to do, the pink one tells you for how long. 

Sex Dice For Two also includes a pair of "wild card" type of commands called "She Decides" and "He Decides." When it comes up "She Decides," then the woman decides when to roll again and change positions. If it comes up "He Decides," then the man decides when to roll again and change.

• Sex Scratch Tickets
These tickets resemble lottery tickets in size –– and you scratch 'em with a coin to reveal 3 matching symbols.

What do you win? Any of the following 8 positions, so be sure to lock the door: Woman On Top, Sideways Straddle, Please Her With A Toy, Doggie Style, Man On Top, Oral For Him, Oral For Her, Sixty-Nine! 

The Sex Game 3-Pack makes a fun gift for almost any occasion! Have a 3-Pack ready for when opportunity knocks.

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