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Why the game show format has room to grow for Live Casino in LatAm from SBC Gaming News

For decades now, game shows have proven their worth for television studios as an ever-evolving revenue driver and content filler for networks worldwide, writes Victor Arias, Vice President of Latin America for Pragmatic Play.

Their ability to stay relevant and move with the times has made them a true pillar of the entertainment community. Across every continent, whether primetime or daytime, you’ll find a vast array of game shows tailored to every demographic and every language.

As a format, it’s an unadulterated success and there’s no sign of the genre falling away anytime soon, even in an age where on-demand content is prevalent and we supposedly have less free time than ever before.

It’s broken through into our own sector too. Branded content first became rife in slots, with major licenses being picked up by a variety of suppliers, but with its proven credentials as a true engager of a global audience, it’s hard to say it has fulfilled its potential.


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