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Why do people watch online casino games?

A question I get asked a lot, and this stems from my childhood in fact, is why people watch others playing games when they can just do it themselves?

As gambling has evolved into more of an online entity with newer, engaging games and even live casinos like we offer on Stake, I’ve noticed a lot of people questioning the entertainment value in watching others gamble online.

If we take a step back, it is a really interesting point and one that I’ve perhaps glossed over many times as, for me, it’s just been a part of my childhood growing up, both playing and watching others play games I enjoy.

We can’t ignore that it’s been happening right in front of us — Take e-sports and the growth of this over time, in many cases getting more viewers than traditional sporting games on prime channels across the world!

I think 3 key factors have contributed to the entertainment value of online casinos: 1) technology 2) live streaming personalities and 3) more engaging games designed for wider audiences.


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