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Where Brits Place Their Bets! A Study Into The Most Popular Forms Of Betting In The UK

We all have our favourites! A favourite football team, a favourite armchair, a favourite friend and, of course, a favourite way to bet.

I’m Angelina Saul, editor at My personal betting top three, in order of preference, are; Horse Racing, Slots and Football.

It’s very rare I’ll try anything else, to be honest. I suppose, in the end, we stick with gambling types where we feel we have very strong subject knowledge.

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Poker, for instance, is an exceptionally thrilling game, I’ve played it before, and I’ve played it badly. I’m learning by reading blogs, websites and watching YouTube videos, and it’s getting close to bumping football off my list, but I know I won’t be wagering any decent money on it until I feel confident I’m well-versed enough to play it well. If you’re the same, you’ve found the right website to help expand that knowledge!

After all, gambling is about winning money, and without intelligence, strategy and guile, you may as well burn that cash.

So what do Brits like best when it comes to gambling?


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