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Two-Factor Authentication For NJ Sportsbook Log-In Going Smoothly So Far, DGE Says from NJ Online Gambling's John Brennan

Regulators at the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement established what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind “multi-factor” authentication standard in the U.S. for mobile sports betting log-ins as of June 30 — and for the most part, it appears a case of “so far, so good.”

“Our regulatory standards require that when a person uses two-factor authentication on one device, the platform doesn’t have to use two-factor authentication on that same device for 14 days,” a DGE spokesperson explained to NJ Online Gambling via email. “However, when a person accesses their account with a new device, two-factor authentication is required.”

From a practical standpoint, two-factor authentication means that when logging in to a sportsbook in the state via mobile device, a message will pop up noting that the user will be texted a passcode within seconds. After that code is entered, the user can then immediately access the site fully and place a wager.

No smartphone? No problem — maybe

Sportsbooks also offer an option for an email to be sent that includes a passcode, but that hasn’t progressed quite as smoothly.


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