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Trump's Palace Casino That Wasn't by David G. Schwartz

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Before he was President, before he was the star of The Apprentice, Donald Trump was a merely a high-profile real estate developer and casino owner. He had a long run in Atlantic City, where he expanded his casino empire to, at its largest, four properties, but was not always successful in getting what he wanted. Exhibit one: Trump’s Palace Casino Hotel, a mooted name change for a Boardwalk property that, following a legal skirmish with Caesars Palace owners Caesars World, was denied.

Trump first came to Atlantic City in partnership with Holiday Inns, Inc., which owned Harrah’s casinos in Nevada and the Marina section of Atlantic City. The joint venture saw Trump build a casino hotel on the Boardwalk which Harrah’s would operate known as “Harrah’s at Trump Plaza.” Trump was already known for Manhattan’s Trump Plaza and, as U.S. District Court Judge Dickinson Debevoise noted in his decision, the developer had “frequently used his surname in the names of buildings and facilities he has developed and [had] acquired a high level of public recognition in connection with his activities.”


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