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Tommy Angelo Presents: Tough Choice in Blackbark

How I ended up in Blackbark Idaho that night is because my kid brother and his wife are in The Casino Business. That's what I always tell people. Sounds better than saying Nora is a waitress and Joey is a busboy.

Joey and Nora got started in poker rooms because of me, back when all three of us lived in Los Angeles. I had become a floorman the traditional way. First I was a professional poker player, then I went broke a few times so I became a poker dealer. I was very good at staying quiet when it mattered most, so they made me a floorman. That's when my brother Joey started hanging around the poker room where I worked, and before I could save him, he got hooked on Omaha. And that's where he met Nora. At an Omaha table.


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