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The Strangest Superstitions in Poker

Poker is known to be a game of skill, with players outwitting their opponents using logic and math, but did you know that poker players – even the pros – are quite superstitious? From lucky chip stacking to preferring a certain seat at the table, there’s no shortage of rituals and lucky trinkets on the felt, even in online poker.

Hands holding cards with casino chips and a smartphone on a green casino table.

Most players, whether they play online poker or any other online casino games, like to feel they’re able to control and influence random events by bringing some extra luck with them to the table, in whichever way they think will work. Some players have a little lucky charm they carry around with them or place on their cards, and some have rituals and traditions they can’t skip when preparing for an online poker tournament – because if they don’t stick to them, the cards won’t fall the way they need to for a good run.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common – and, of course, some of the most bizarre – poker superstitions ever to make it to the table.

Lucky card protectors

By far the most common superstition, or lucky charm, in poker is the “lucky card protector.” Online poker players might not see too many of these, since there are no physical cards to protect, but take a seat at any poker table in a casino and you’ll likely see some strange and wonderful little trinkets resting on (or “protecting”) your opponents’ cards.


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