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The Man Who Won the Casino: The Story of Edward Thorpe, Gambling Theorist and Practitioner

Edward Thorpe was a mathematical scientist, but always striving to use science in real life. This ambition and tireless work helped him become the first man who answered the question — is it possible to win at online casinos? He invented a card-counting system and learned how to win at blackjack, roulette, and baccarat through science.

Edward Thorpe’s Childhood and the Beginning of his Love of Mathematics

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The boy’s scientific potential was evident in his early childhood. He learned arithmetic very early, not only the simplest operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but also square and cube roots.

At school, the future millionaire developed an interest in other sciences – radio engineering, electronics, chemistry and physics. He not only studied theory, but also used it in practice – he assembled a radio receiver and set up a home chemistry laboratory in which he conducted his own experiments.

Towards the end of school Edward Thorpe began to think about the mechanics of roulette and the probability of getting a particular result. However, he was not yet interested in gambling — he only saw a connection between the roulette wheel and the planets in orbit.

One day he heard from his English teacher that it was impossible to beat a casino. It was then that Edward became interested in the field of gambling, for he told his teacher that he would do it one day.


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