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The casino floor: Time for a reboot?

Much of the evolution we can expect to see in casinos comes from technological installations, so what digital equipment could we see dominate the gambling floor in the near future? Gambling Insider asked Michael Jabara, industry veteran and founder of mobile casino game supplier OneLIVE Inc, what he thought we could realistically expect to see in the casino of the future

When will we see VR games located on the casino floor?

Onelive believes that VR games will first find a home in the millennial-focused lounges, bars and social gathering spaces now being planned by the leading operators. These "Gaming floors of the future" will look very different than the rows and rows of slot machines and tables that currently exist. Rather, they will be social gathering places where small and large groups can interact. In these "Cool" spots, we think that VR will work best for social gaming, tournaments and contests, where the players actually see each other in the game. This of course is old news for console game and esports players but a very new concept for the traditional north American casino operator.

Do you think physical chips will be replaced by digital casino currency on table games?

It's already happening with some of the shuffle master and LT games products. However, the jury is still out on whether the feel of the chip in the player's hand and the stack on the table will ever go away. And given the increasing focus on money laundering, I think it will be a while before north american regulators feel comfortable allowing block-chain currency such at bitcoin in regulated casinos, whether online or land-based. That could change if corporate America and governments embrace it as a method of payment.


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