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The Best Fiction Books & Films About Gambling from BetMGM Online Casino

For those who love the thrill of online casino games, gambling books and films can be a great (and sometimes relatable) source of entertainment. From classic tales of luck and misfortune to modern stories of high-stakes games, there’s something for everyone in this genre. 

Here’s our review of the best fiction books and films about the gambling industry that will provide an entertaining (and possibly insightful) read.

Top books

“The Cincinnati Kid” by Richard Jessup

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Goodreads rating: 3.9 stars

“The Cincinnati Kid” is a classic story about a young man from Cincinnati who is determined to become the best poker player in town and challenge one of the city’s most renowned card players. Published in 1965, the novel follows ”the Kid’s” journey as he navigates the seedy underworld of underground poker and the high stakes of professional gambling, offering readers an exciting glimpse into high-stakes poker games as well as their consequences for those involved. The book was adapted into a movie in 1965 and is widely considered to be one of the best gambling-related books ever written. 

With a strong focus on strategy and the psychological aspects of gambling, “The Cincinnati Kid” is a timeless classic sure to captivate readers.

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“The Gambler” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Amazon rating: 4.4 stars

Goodreads rating: 3.9 stars

“The Gambler” is a novel by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky and follows the story of a young man who is addicted to gambling. The protagonist, Alexei, is a former student who inherits a large sum of money and uses it to try to break the bank in a high-stakes game of roulette. The book delves into the dark side of gambling and how it affects the protagonist and those around him. It was published in 1866, but the themes of addiction and desperation are still relevant today. 

“The Gambler” is a powerful story that is sure to leave readers with a lasting impression and has been widely praised for its insight into the dangers of gambling addiction.

“The Man with the Golden Arm” by Nelson Algren

Amazon rating: 4.3 stars

Goodreads rating: 3.9 stars

“The Man with the Golden Arm” is a 1949 novel about addiction and the power of luck. The book follows the story of Frankie Machine, an ex-army veteran who finds himself addicted to heroin and is driven to gamble in order to pay for his habit. Frankie becomes obsessed with winning big at craps in order to escape his troubles, giving readers a glimpse into what drives someone towards compulsive gambling even when there are no tangible rewards. The book is widely praised for its realistic and accurate portrayal of the grim realities of gambling addiction and its devastating effects.


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