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Temptation Tuesday with Adam and Eve! The Love or Lust Game - On Sale Now!

Whether you’ve just started dating –– or have been together for quite awhile –– here’s the game that’s sure to kick start new avenues of communication and sexy fun in just one evening!

Do you prefer Love...or Lust? It’s time to find out!

Designed to bring you closer together with your lover, The Love Or Lust Game helps you learn your lover’s likes, loves and lusts in a fast-paced game of sexual trivia and foreplay. 

Roll the die, move around the board and engage in action, erotic treats and stripping while also finding out more about your lover through Love Cards and Lust Cards.

Love Cards focus on intimacies you share or can share with your lover. Lust Cards offer love-making ideas.

The winner is the player who reaches True Love or True Lust first by correctly answering trivia questions along the way.

• The Love Or Lust Game
• Created for couples
• Sexual trivia and foreplay game
• Learn each other’s likes
• Share intimacies, act out fantasies
• Board game with rules, cards, markers, a die to roll
• Includes 27 Love Cards, 27 Lust Cards
• Each card offers trivia and unique love-making ideas you can act out later...or right now
• Whoever gets to True Love or True Lust first wins
• Comes in sturdy 9” x 7” x 1.5” box that stores easily on bookshelf –– even some nightstands for bedroom play
• Game includes Spanish language version
• Makes a great gift!

Add some hot salsa to your love-making! As Bob Dylan once sang, “Spanish Is The Loving Tongue” –– bone up on your language skills and play the Spanish language version of The Love Or Lust Game (aka Juego de Amor o Lujuria).

Here’s a sample Love Card question:
“What can you do more of to help get me in the mood for love?”

And here’s a sample Lust Card question:
“Which is the most pleasurable method of stimulating the G-spot for most women?”

The right answer is shown in italic lettering on most cards. Some cards have personal questions, so how well you know your lover determines whether you get those questions right.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Love Or Lust Game today and come together! 

Order the Love or Lust Game today! And now get 10 FREE GIFTS with your order using our link above or by entering our promo code BABE16 at checkout!

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