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Studies On Macau Suggest More Moderately Wealthy Chinese To Travel Abroad Over Next Decade by Muhammad Cohen

The growing wave of Chinese tourists will break across the world with unprecedented force and in unexpected ways over the next decade. Some of that future is taking shape in Macau, which will likely remain a bellwether for these emergent trends. That's the message from a pair of new studies, one peeking over the horizon and one peering deeply into today's mainland China gambler in Macau.

Investment advisor Sanford Bernstein is issuing a series of reports under the heading of China Abroad, examining the cross-sector impacts of increased outbound Chinese travel. Bernstein's team of more than a dozen analysts on three continents forecasts that overseas trips from mainland China will grow from 135 million last year to 260 million by 2025, 100 million of those incremental trips to destinations beyond Hong Kong and Macau.


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