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Spice It Up Couples Game on sale now at Adam and Eve!

It's Never Been Easier To Spice Up Your Relationship –– 125 Ways!

It all starts with a cute little card that asks, "what if..."

Lovers! Couples! Marrieds! Add some spice to your love life with this daring challenge game. It couldn't be any easier.

  • Spice It Up! Couples Game
  • Each lover takes turns pulling a card from the top of the deck
  • You get 119 pre-printed sensual, sexy and sexual scenarios to act out
  • Pre-printed categories begin with "what if she..." or "what if he..." or "what if we..." suggestions
  • 6 cards are left blank for either of you to write in your favorite fantasy
  • Also included are 25 red invitation style envelopes to leave in lunch boxes, or places you know your lover will find it
  • Makes a great gift

The beauty of this game is it goes as far as you want it to! Shuffle the cards and pull as many, or as few as you want from the top of the stack. The main thing is breaking out of that "same-old, same-old" mold with these charming, provocative, and often explicit suggestions!

Your Spice It Up Couples Game is great for cabin fever, rainy days, weekend getaways, or anytime!

Some Spice It Up! card examples:

"What if She...pretends to be a naughty nurse and he is her bed-ridden patient?"

"What if He...handcuffs or restrains her before making love?"

And 6 cards that say:

"What if We...create our own scenario: _____"

Order the Spice It Up Couples game today using the banner above or with our link using promo code BABE16 at checkout and get 10 FREE GIFTS with your order!

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