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Six Leadership Secrets From Casino Slot Managers by David G. Schwartz

Earlier this year, I published Tales from the Slot Floor, a collection of edited interviews with casino slot managers, part of a larger project that captured how the discipline of casino management has changed and continues to evolve in the face of ongoing technological and demographic shifts. Based on a series of interviews with veteran slot management professionals, the book presents insights into what defines the best practices in this crucial area of casinos.

Slot managers might not have the anecdotes about celebrity high rollers that table game managers do, but the issues they face probably have more in common with other fields. In addition to being in charge of scheduling, discipline, and customer relations, they administer a large budget and enter into partnership agreements with external vendors. This is a job that must be data-driven without losing sight of the people who make the casino a place where patrons enjoy spending time (and money).


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