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Pennsylvania’s Online Casino Market Settles Into The Same Groove As Neighboring New Jersey

With COVID-19 protocols loosening and ever-greater numbers of people getting vaccinated, elevated levels of online gambling activity are finally starting to slip. The drop has been slight so far, but could become more pronounced now as COVID cases in the US seem to be on course to reach their lowest levels since the very first weeks of the pandemic.

Last week, Michigan and New Jersey released their online gambling revenue figures for April. This week, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) added its report to the pile. All three states performed significantly worse than they did in March. Both PA and NJ suffered their first month of declining daily average revenue since last June.

Pennsylvania online casinos pulled in just over $90 million for the month, while poker rooms contributed $2.4 million. Online sportsbooks added another $31 million. All of these verticals showed a month-on-month decline.


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