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Ontario Commission clarifies strict advertising rules on player bonuses & inducements from SBC Gaming News

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The province of Ontario’s Alcohol and Gaming Commission (OAGC) has updated its guidance for marketing standards related to its online gambling regime that launched on 4 April. 

The Commission seeks to clarify rules and standards related to the marketing of ‘inducements, bonuses and credits’ by third parties such as affiliates and media partners that promote Ontario licensed operators.

Ontario laws prohibit any ‘public advertising of inducements, bonuses and credits, by operators or media/affiliate publishers, including ‘targeted advertising and algorithm-based adverts’.

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Inducements are defined as a promotional offer that encourages a consumer to participate in an online gambling activity, be it through a ‘sign-up offers, deposit offers, offer of a reward, bonus or “boosted” odds, refund/stake-back offers, multi-bet offers, or winnings paid on losing bets’.

The OAGC will penalise marketing partners for promoting inducements regardless of whether they apply a direct or indirect approach to inform consumers of incentives – be it a bonus code/offer (direct) or by providing general references or informative content (indirect).

Only when a consumer visits a licensed operator’s website-or-app can an inducement, bonus or credit offer be promoted.


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