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Online Roulette Systems and Strategies

Online roulette has one of the biggest elements of luck compared to other online casino games, so unless you have a solid betting strategy, it can be easy to hit a bad streak. Luckily, there are some really basic strategies out there that can make your game stronger while not taking any of the fun or excitement out of each wheel spin.

Wooden casino roulette wheel with gold accents on green felt.

Know your odds Remember when you play roulette online, that your odds (and the house edge) are going to be different depending on whether you’re playing American or European online roulette. The main difference between these roulette casino games is that there are only 37 numbers on the wheel in the European version, compared to 38 on American roulette wheels.

Playing European roulette will bump up your odds to win slightly. On top of those figures, American roulette’s house edge stands at 1,801 (5.26%), while it’s only 3,604 (2.7%) for European roulette.

While this is important to consider when forming a solid betting strategy, you don’t need to know this odds table out of your head – it just helps to develop more sensible and successful betting strategies.


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