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NEW! The 12 Sex Games Of Christmas at Adam and Eve!


Cozy Couples Games To Make Your Holidays Even Sexier!

Share special moments together this winter, just the two of you, with a dozen humorous 'n' sexy Yuletide themed games! For 2 players.

  1. The Three Wise Sex Positions
    A Dreidel, cards, and spinner game
  2. Oooh Santa Baby!
    A foreplay dice game
  3. I'll Be Laid For Christmas
    A sexy spinner game
  4. Joy To The Woman
    An oral fun for her game
  5. The Little Hummer, "Oh Boy!"
    An oral fun for him game
  6. A Lay In The Manger
    A bedroom sex game
  7. Hark! The Horny Couple Sings
    A game of romance and sensual rewards
  8. O Come All Ye Faithful
    A game of foreplay and sex-play
  9. Grandma Got Plowed By A Horndog
    Yep, a kinky card game
  10. Please Go Down For Christmas
    A game of personal trivia
  11. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Foreplay
    A sexy spinner game
  12. Rudolph The Romantic Sex Slave
    A game of roleplay and rewards

Now sex up your holidays and have a little fun, too! Everything you need comes inside a durable, easy to stow away box: spinner, 2 dice, 1 red chip, 1 Dreidel, 12 game cards with full instructions.

And whether you're giving, or getting –– The 12 Sex Games Of Christmas makes a great gift!

Get "The 12 Sex Games of Christmas" at Adam and Eve! And now get 10 FREE GIFTS including FREE SHIPPING when you order using the link above!

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