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Match Poker Online Officially Launches To “Sportify” the Game of Poker

Poker players around the world now have the opportunity to play the game they love in a truly unique format. The Match Poker Online app officially launches on Feb. 14 (Feb. 15 in Australia/Asia time zones) and transforms poker into a sporting competition – giving players the opportunity for the first time to realistically compare their own skills against others.

What sets Match Poker Online apart? The game truly gauges where a player stands by having players across the platform play the same hands. Players can work on their skills by comparing their own play and decisions to others around the world who have played exactly the same hand.

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For the first time, players can finally answer questions like: “Should I have raised in this position preflop instead of flat calling? Has this guy got the nuts or is he bluffing? Can I take this pot with a bluff or will I get caught?”

The app is packed with features, statistics, excellent graphics, and exciting gameplay. You can even compare your own play against friends in a fantasy sports-style competition. There’s no longer a need for arguing or debate on which players are better based on conjecture and insufficient data. With Match Poker, all that data is now available.


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