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Martin Lycka – O Canada when will you revamp sports betting? from SBC Gaming News

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Despite all the sports betting regulatory action in the US following last week’s votes, GVC Holdings Senior Vice President of US Regulatory Affairs & Responsible Gambling Martin Lycka is looking at the reaction further north.

The fearless men who stand on guard at the Ontario border, through snow, wind and sleet, noticed something rapidly whirling through the plains of Michigan to the west. At first, they could not fathom what it was. Could it be a wild beast intent on throwing itself on them or some kind of a mysterious vehicle from hell; bent on ripping through the border control post? The men were at the ready; the object was picking up speed, getting closer and closer.

And then, with brakes screeching, it ground to a halt right at the point where the two state borders meet. The border guard realised that while the object was fast approaching, it would not be able to cross the border here. At least, not yet. The fast moving online gambling regulation would have to wait a little longer.


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