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In Las Vegas, One Of The Mob's Biggest Money Earners Tells All by David G. Schwartz

At first glance, it looks like the usual Vegas stage spectacular: high-kicking dancers, smooth-voiced singers, glittering sets. At closer inspection, there are more pinstripes and tommy guns than you’d expect. And you realize the name is an honest one: “A Mob Story,” currently playing at the Plaza in Downtown Las Vegas, tells the tale of how organized crime infiltrated, helped build, and departed—maybe—Las Vegas.

A stage musical of mob history? Surely, you think, this is just another piece of inauthentic Vegas kitsch, a knockoff of a knockoff of the real thing. It’s got to be the mafia equivalent of what Zombie Burlesque is to post-apocalyptic horror—entertaining, sure, but no real substance.


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