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How to Analyze your Poker Hands from BetMGM

Poker is a game of strategy as much as luck. Study and preparation can work wonders for your gameplay, making it crucial to look back on your previous games, point out any mistakes and work through kinks in your tactics or approach.

One of the best ways to improve quickly is to dissect your poker hand history, unlocking hidden insights as you sharpen your decision-making skills through examination. Poker hand analysis reveals the underlying dynamics of your moves, allowing you to understand the strengths, weaknesses and mistakes in your gameplay. Whether you’re an online poker beginner or a seasoned expert with proven poker skills, fine-tuning your strategy allows you to gain a competitive edge at the poker table. 

In order for it to work in your favor, you have to be meticulous in your analysis, use all the tools available to you and be honest with yourself regarding weaker aspects of your play style. By dissecting your past hands, you can identify leaks in your strategy, spot patterns in your opponents’ behavior and make data-driven adjustments to improve your overall game.

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Where To Begin

If you want to record your poker hands accurately, there are three ways to do so; hand histories in-game, hand-tracking software and good old pen and paper. Tracking everything yourself takes more work and you’re missing out on the advantages of modern technology, so it’s best to become familiar with the perks of tech-assisted analysis sooner rather than later.

There are also various tools available for effective hand analysis, from equity calculators to hand converters and solvers. These tools will help you grasp the fundamentals of hand equities, ranges and optimal plays. By bringing these resources into your analysis process, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions at the poker table.



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