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How 2018 Will Define The Future Of Las Vegas Casinos by David G. Schwartz

There are certain years that, at the end of which, the world moves closer to the future than the past, years that mark major shifts in how we see the world, or a small part of it. It’s possible that Las Vegas is experiencing one of those years now, which has profound implications for how Las Vegas casinos are owned, developed, and operated.

First, some history to put 2018 into context. Some landmark years have been defined by the construction of new resorts: 1941, when Thomas Hull opened the El Rancho Vegas, the first casino resort on what would become the Las Vegas Strip. Hull’s modest motel-casino became the template for the first generation of resorts on the Strip. 1969, when Kirk Kerkorian opened the International, the first resort to open with more than 1,000 rooms and whose integrated design and tri-form tower became the next template for resort design.


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