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Golfweek's Best 2021: Top 50 Casino Golf Courses

Welcome to Golfweek’s Best Casino Courses in the United States. This list focuses on courses owned and/or operated by casinos, with data pulled from Golfweek‘s massive database of course rankings.

The hundreds of members of Golfweek‘s course-ratings panel continually evaluate courses and rate them based on our 10 criteria. They also file a single, overall rating on each course. Those overall ratings on each course are averaged to produce a final rating for each that is then used to compile the Golfweek’s Best course rankings.

Each course is listed with its 2020 ranking in parenthesis, an average ranking from all the Golfweek Raters who reviewed it, its location, architect(s) and whether it is a classic courses built before 1960, or a modern courses built in or after 1960.


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