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Get Grinding & Stay Grinding with Grinder Gadget!

The Grinder Gadget is the only stand/charging station designed specifically for the poker table. The gadget is capable of charging two devices at a time (tablets and phones) while mounting easily to the poker rail.

If you play poker for hours upon hours on end, like a true grinder, you spend a lot of time playing with your phone, or on your tablet. That creates two problems - one, propping the thing up, and two, keeping it charged. We've all been there, at the end of a tournament day, running around looking for a spare outlet.

The Grinder Gadget aims to solve all those problems - and does so nicely. We poker players demand quality - and so the challenge was, how do we come up with a product that solves all these problems, AND will live up to the exacting standards of the poker community? So we starting designing the Grinder Gadget with one idea in mind - it must not suck, at all, even a little.

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