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Funny Gambling News by Ashley Adams

Dear Fellow Poker Players,

The funniest gambling news item I have ever seen is in today's Metro section of the Boston Globe. If you haven't read the article called "Giving casino customers an even break" I recommend it to you.

Here is the hilarious absurd news item:

In an effort to help gamblers, Massachusetts is considering new restrictions on the casino including the following:

"...rules for casino operators that also would keep ATM machines at least 15 feet away from the gambling floor..."


Yeah, that ought to control problem gambling. I can see the self control kicking in now. "Honey, that's $2,800 you have blown on that $5 slot machine." "Bullshit. I'll win it back. If only I had more cash." "Well, you've spent all the money we came with. You've maxed out our credit cards. And you've gotten our maxim credit from the casino desk." "I don't care. We have to get some of that money back. I still have my ATM card -- and we have overdraft protection good for another $1,000. I'm going to withdraw it now. Oh, wait, the machine is 20 feet away. Never mind. Let's go home."


What the law should do is force slot and house game gamblers who have lost $100 and want to continue gambling. At least they might learn something to reduce their losses the next time.


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