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Foreplay in a Row Game now 50% off at Adam and Eve with promo code BABE16

Heat Things Up With 4 Fun & Naughty Activities!

Add suspense and mystery to your sex life while experimenting with fun, new activities at the same time with this adult board game!

Foreplay in a Row is an adult version of a popular mainstream game. You and your partner take turns adding colored chips to the board. Each chip is printed with a variety of foreplay and sexual activities.  The first one to get four of their chips in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) wins. 
And the loser has to perform the actions on the four winning chips!
You might find yourself talking dirty while massaging your partner’s feet before you tie them up and start spanking! Or you could find yourself in naked pillow fight/wrestling match that ends with ice cube and sex toys! There are hundreds of potential combinations, which keep everything new and exciting no matter how many times you play!
The board measures 7 inches by 8.5 inches and is divided into 7 columns and 6 rows. The adult board game comes with 42 chips, with half in blue for him and half in pink for her.
Get Foreplay in a Row today and get 50% off your purchase when using our promo code BABE16 at checkout!

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