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Does Your Star Sign Affect Your Luck? A Look At Gambling Horoscopes from BetMGM

The outcomes of most online casino games are determined at least in part, and sometimes entirely, by luck. Many people believe that luck isn’t completely random and how lucky a person is at any given time is dictated by various innate and external factors.

Some people think that your karma might have a significant impact on your luck, while others are of the opinion that you’re luckiest at certain times of the month based on moon cycles. Then there are those who are certain astrology plays a role.

So, is it possible for your star sign to influence how lucky you are the next time you’re looking for new casino games to play? Maybe. But it’s safer to assume that your star sign has an effect on your personality, which could dictate which casino games you’re likely to excel at. Here’s what you need to know.

As an Aries, confidence comes naturally to you. You’re the type of gambler who isn’t afraid to take risks and you’re not intimidated to go up against opponents with more experience. You’re fiercely passionate and it always comes out strongly when you’re doing something you love.

The best casino game for you: Poker. You’ll have no issue going all in or keeping your “poker face” on even when under pressure.


Whether you believe your star sign influences your luck at the casino or not, BetMGM Online Casino has got a variety of games for you to explore. From live dealer blackjack to real online slots, there’s something on the menu for everyone.

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