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Best Eating and Fitness Plans for Poker Players from BetMGM

When you consider how mentally demanding poker tournaments can be, it comes as no surprise that poker players need to have eating and fitness plans that help them to perform optimally. This is the case with online poker as well, since mental fortitude remains a key element of the game, regardless of the difference in the environment. Some poker tournaments can even go on for as long as nine hours, and players will need to fight fatigue, strategize and be fully present throughout. 

Of course, the mind and body have to work in conjunction, which is why your diet and the nutrients you consume should be complemented by an effective fitness plan. Now, an effective fitness plan for someone who plays Texas Hold’em poker, for example, need not be as rigorous as that of a bodybuilder – far from it! But it could just prove to be one of the most effective parts of your poker tournament strategy.

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Let’s explore what some of the most famous poker players have turned to over the years – who knows, you might have more in common with their approach than you thought! 

Famous poker players’ nutrition and fitness

One of the most popular food trends right now is adopting a plant-based diet and cutting out meat. There are several benefits to it, including better overall health, mitigating the risk of developing certain diseases and weight management. Seemingly, this is something that poker champion Daniel Negreanu realized way back in 2000. 


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