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Behind Closed Doors Board Game Layout of game and components

Let this fun, sexy, sensual game organize and direct an erotic evening for the two of you! 

The Behind Closed Doors Board Game is easy to play! As you travel the game board, collect Position, Item and Foreplay cards. The first player to reach the Winner Circle gets to incorporate all of their acquired cards into the sex play that follows! 

  • Game board and contents come inside a sturdy laminated cardboard box
  • 25 Position Cards
  • 25 Item Cards
  • 25 Foreplay Cards
  • 2 Game Tokens
  • One Die 

Begin this fun game behind closed doors for a remarkable romantic experience. Get comfortable and settle in for an evening of passion! 

How To Play:

Place the board on a flat surface and put the Position, Item, and Foreplay cards face down on their allotted spaces on the board. Each player chooses a token to represent them on their travels around the board. Both tokens are placed on the starting square. 

Players roll the die to determine who goes first. Rolling the die, players make their way around the board collecting cards from the squares they land on. For a little added heat, you may land on a square that instructs you to strip a piece of clothing along your way to the Winner Circle!

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